Beeching & Co Landscapes


Piers Beeching
Founder / Managing Director

Piers’ obsession with plants and landscapes diverted him from an early office job to a Garden Design diploma at the English Gardening School. (Chelsea Physic Garden)

‘Good gardening is an attempt to interfere with nature as gently and carefully as possible.  More often than not it’s what you don’t do that matters most.’ 

Obsession:  Wisteria – there remains just one Wisteria in London that Piers is yet to conquer.  The client has taken to hanging fake blooms to spare everyone’s blushes. 

Maintenance Manager

Justin oversees the maintenance side of the business and ensures we’ve all got the right tools and know how to use them. He’s mastered his own techniques over many years and is meticulous to the point of distraction.

Obsession: Topiary perfection

Team leader

‘Eman’ is our tree and shrub expert who’s brought over some great pruning know-how from his native Rome. His singing skills are also popular with clients, probably more so than his parking abilities.

Obsession: Mind your own business. No seriously, Mind your own business, the plant (Soleirolia soleirolii)

Team leader

Jack can normally be found quietly knocking up beautiful and creative planting combinations. He’s the aesthete of the team and ensures a superior level of good taste is maintained.

Obsession: That perfect colour blend

Client and Operations Manager

The backbone of our operation – Gemma ensures our clients are happy and informed and is regularly found conferring with Otis our Apprentice

Obsession: All creatures great and small.


Otis has proved to be an excellent landscaper and can level a perfectly happy flower bed in a few moments. When he finally learns to behave he may actually be allowed into one of our gardens.

Obsession: Anything spherical